We Source High-Grade Beef, With Well-Marbled Cuts Such as Prime Beef

We Source High-Grade Beef, With Well-Marbled Cuts Such as Prime Beef

We source high-grade beef, with well-marbled cuts such as prime or dry-aged beef.

We preparate and cook our steaks to showcase the natural flavors and textures of the meat. A top-notch steakhouse understands the importance of cooking steaks to the desired level of doneness. Whether a guest prefers rare, medium-rare, medium, or well-done, our kitchen will be able to cook the desired results. We offer a variety of cuts to cater to different preferences. This includes filet mignons, ribeye’s, New York strips, porterhouses, and more.

Our steaks come with your choice of scalloped potatoes, heirloom carrots, demi-glace, and choice of gorgonzola cream, roasted garlic butter, chimichurri, demi-glace:

  • 8 OZ FILET*


  • 16 OZ RIBEYE*

What Is Prime Beef?

“Prime beef” typically refers to the highest quality grade of beef as determined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grading system. The USDA grades beef based on various factors, including marbling, maturity, and the color and texture of the meat.

There are three main grades of beef:

  1. Prime: This grade represents the highest quality and is typically characterized by abundant marbling, which refers to the intramuscular fat within the meat. Prime beef is known for its tenderness, juiciness, and rich flavor. It is often found in high-end restaurants and is considered the top choice for steakhouses.
  2. Choice: This grade is of good quality but has less marbling than Prime. Choice beef is still flavorful and tender, making it a popular choice for many consumers.
  3. Select: This grade has less marbling than Choice and is leaner, making it a lower-fat option. Select beef is generally less tender and flavorful than Prime and Choice, but it is a more economical choice.

Prime beef is relatively scarce compared to Choice and Select grades, making it more expensive. The grading is voluntary, and not all beef is graded. It’s important to note that grading is just one aspect of beef quality, and factors such as the cut, cooking method, and personal preferences also play a significant role in the overall dining experience.

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